We’re all different, all unique, and all equal. No one should be left behind in society because of who we are, or where we come from.

But right now, many of us share a sneaking feeling that Europe is heading completely in the wrong direction. We’re seeing leaders spreading hate and fear, politicians cracking down on peaceful activists, and powerful people pushing for policies that are making us poorer and destroying our environment.

To get things back on track, your voice matters. But we need to be loud to be heard. And the European elections in May are a unique opportunity to do just that.

Together, we can turn up the volume about the things we want to change, and challenge our elected representatives to build fair, free, equal societies where…

  • We can all live free from hate, violence and oppression, be treated fairly and stay in control of our own bodies and lives.
  • We can all afford to look after ourselves and our families in a dignified way, leaving no one behind.
  • We are free to love who we want, can protest peacefully without fear, access independent media, and get justice in free and fair courts.
  • We welcome people who can’t go home because of war, poverty and persecution.
  • Our governments face up to Europe being one of the world’s worst polluters, and immediately start protecting the environment and human lives worldwide.

See what young activists are doing

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Raise your voice for the right to speak out


1. Follow #TurnItUp on social media, speak up about what needs to change where you live right now, and share it with your networks.

2. Join Amnesty’s movement of millions, speaking out for human rights worldwide.

3. Vote in the European Parliament elections 23-26 May 2019.