Humanity first: helping people fleeing their homes

Kindness, compassion, solidarity – these values are all part of being human. When people are forced to flee their home because of war, poverty, or persecution, we want to help them to get back on their feet.

So why – when we care – are refugees and migrants being treated with such callousness by European leaders?

We see leaders trying to divide us with fear and hate, stoking up fear of refugees and migrants in the media and implementing cruel and ineffective policies that not only turn a blind eye to human suffering, but even punish those trying to help.

The EU-Turkey Deal has left thousands of refugees trapped in disgusting conditions on the Greek islands. European governments are complicit in violence and abuse of refugees at the Croatian border.

Italy and other European governments have increasingly kept refugees and migrants away from Europe by outsourcing border control to Libya, sending them back to face detention, torture and exploitation.

NGOs trying to save the lives of people crossing the Mediterranean and Aegean seas are facing slander, intimidation and even legal action, while activists providing food, shelter or defending refugees rights are being targeted across Europe.

Despite what we hear from some politicians, people do still care. Rania Ali is a Syrian refugee now living in Austria:

“I’m Rania Ali, I’m from Syria and I live in Vienna, Austria. Europe is my new home and I think there is work to be done to make it better. It’s becoming a bit dangerous – hate is being spread against people who are considered different, and we are heading towards a risky atmosphere.

I’m a journalist, and I’m also working on a project called Living Together, where we provide a space for young people to share their opinions on living with people from different backgrounds.

To me it’s very hopeful when I see young people using their platform. I think many people can’t comprehend how important their voice is. So use that voice – do it!

As an advocate for acceptance, speaking up for women’s and refugees’ rights, I think it is so important to vote. But I can’t vote in Europe, so you go vote!”

You can help Rania to show our leaders that we do care about refugees and migrants. With the European elections coming up in May, this is the time to drown out the hateful rhetoric and shout about solidarity!

Together we are louder so join in and turn it up

  • Share Rania’s story
  • Follow #TurnItUp and raise your voice in solidarity with refugees and migrants and those being targeted just for helping them.
  • Vote in the European elections and let politicians know what you think