We are witnessing astonishing attacks on the rule of law, including the independence of the judiciary, and on civil society, in several EU countries. The EU’s ability to uphold its founding principles, including respect for human rights, for the rule of law and for fundamental freedoms, is truly being tested.

To remain a strong and credible force for human rights worldwide, the EU must stand up for human rights in its own member states.


We advocate for stronger action on human rights by the EU in relation to issues such as the independence of the judiciary, rule of law, civic space, security policies and discrimination. We also engage with the EU to strengthen the way in which it protects and promotes human rights inside the EU.

We bring evidence of human rights violations in EU member states and propose actions to end and prevent such violations. We work with Amnesty International national offices across Europe to collect relevant information from the ground, to advocate towards national governments for national and EU action on human rights and to involve our members and the wider public.​​​​​​​


  • EU response to serious human rights and rule of law issues in Poland and Hungary, including through Article 7.1 TEU and infringement proceedings;
  • Strengthening and development of EU rule of law and human rights mechanisms and tools;
  • EU accession to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and the Istanbul Convention on Violence Against Women (VAW);
  • Protection and promotion of civil society;
  • Counter terrorism and human rights;
  • Discrimination, including application of the Racial Equality Directive, protection from hate crime and violence against women.