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European Union Member States Armed conflict

Open letter on EU and several European states’ concerning decision to suspend and review of funding to Palestinian and Israeli NGOs

In an open letter, Amnesty International and 103 other civil society organisations express serious concern at the EU and several European states‘ decision to suspend or review their funding to Palestinian and Israeli civil society organisations. We the undersigned are writing to you to raise...
European Union Member States Asylum and migration

NGOs call on EU leaders to centre human rights in discussions on EU-Tunisia cooperation and the external dimension of migration at European Council

Amnesty International, EuroMed Rights and Human Rights Watch shared a letter with President of the European Council Charles Michel and EU Heads of States and Governments ahead of the 26-27 October meeting of the European Council. The 26 and 27 October 2023 European Council’s strategic discussion on...
European Union Member States Armed conflict

Israel/OPT: Urgent EU action needed on the humanitarian and human rights crisis in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel

Amnesty International shared a letter with High Representative Josep Borrell and EU Ministers of Foreign Affairs ahead of the 23 October Foreign Affairs Council meeting in relation to the ongoing fighting in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, in particular the humanitarian and human...
Europe and Central Asia EU external relations

Amnesty International recommendations ahead of the 20 March Donors’ Conference for the people of Türkiye and Syria

On 20 March, the European Commission and the Swedish EU presidency will host a high-level conference in Brussels aimed at coordinating the response of international donors and raising funds for early recovery and relief efforts in both Türkiye and Syria. The conference will be attended by EU member...
European Union Member States Censorship and Freedom of Expression

EU Foreign Ministers Should Take Effective Measures to Address the Rapidly Growing Human Rights Crisis in Tunisia

The 20th of March 2023 Foreign Affairs Council’s exchange of views on the situation in Tunisia will take place amid an unprecedented campaign to crush dissent and roll back human rights and freedoms Tunisians have worked hard to secure since the country’s 2011 revolution. We are deeply concerned,...