Crisis in Middle East and North Africa

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EU must act swiftly to avert North Africa refugee tragedy
23/06/2011 As European Union leaders prepare to discuss their response to the refugee and migrant crisis in North Africa tomorrow, Amnesty International has urged EU governments to welcome more of those fleeing the conflict in Libya.

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EU ministers create smokescreen over refugees from North Africa
12/05/2011Today sees this year’s third attempt by European Union justice and home affairs ministers to rise to the challenge posed by the humanitarian crisis in North Africa. Amnesty International has expressed concern at how the EU and member states are responding to fallout from political unrest in Tunisia and the displacement caused by the armed conflict in Libya. The meeting will also address French and Italian calls to reintroduce frontier checks in the ‘borderless’ Schengen Area.
Don't shirk your responsibilities
08/04/2011 Ahead of next week’s Justice & Home Affairs Council, where European Union ministers will discuss their response to Europe’s latest ‘migration challenge’, Amnesty International has urged the EU to take tangible action to support international efforts to help people affected by the unrest in North Africa and continuing armed conflict in Libya.

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Don’t deal with despotic regimes: EU must learn its lesson
08/03/2011 One month after Hosni Mubarak’s forced resignation and ahead of the 11 March Extraordinary European Council, Amnesty International has urged the European Union radically to reassess its policy in the southern Mediterranean, and to respond swiftly to Libya’s unfolding human rights and humanitarian emergency.
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EU mustn't overlook north Africa's women
07/03/2011 A century ago today, a million-plus people marched in Europe’s streets on the first International Women’s Day, calling for an end to discrimination and for women to have the same rights as men to work, vote and shape their countries’ future. One hundred years on, as millions of protesters throughout the Middle East and north Africa demand change, Amnesty International has stressed the vast challenge women still face, and its belief that the European Union has a duty to help them.
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Southern Mediterranean human rights and migration letter 
08/03/2011The Extraordinary European Council on 11 March, and the following Gymnich on 12-13 March, present a significant, timely opportunity for the EU to fundamentally reassess its flawed overall policy towards the Southern Mediterranean, and to provide its specific response to the unfolding human rights and humanitarian emergency in and around Libya.
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NGOs call on EU urgent action to stop violence in Libya
28/02/2011As Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s brutal crackdown continues, the European Union must act swiftly to translate its statements into action, said three leading human rights and humanitarian organisations, Amnesty International, Oxfam International and the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH).
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'Do the right thing': Amnesty International challenges EU to protect migrants fleeing North Africa
23/02/2011With the European Union’s Justice & Home Affairs Council preparing to meet on 24 February to discuss the increased flow of people fleeing recent unrest in North Africa, Amnesty International has urged the EU to rise to the challenge, and has criticised the short-sighted approach by member states. “This unfolding humanitarian crisis highlights the failings of the current strategy”, said Nicolas Beger, Director of Amnesty International’s European Institutions Office. “There are many different reasons impelling people to flee. Putting obstacles in their path simply isn’t a sensible response. Instead of focusing on policing the EU’s borders, we must accept that the needs of the people of the boats are paramount.”
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JHA Council, 24-25 February 2011: Migration challenges
22/02/2011Ahead of the next Justice & Home Affairs Council’s anticipated discussions on the migration challenges following recent unrest in Tunisia and other North African countries, we are submitting a series of recommendations on how the EU and member states should respond.
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