Photo of a street littered with debris and rubble. On both sides, buildings are heavily damaged. A man walks through the street carrying a propane tank.

Israel/OPT: Urgent EU action needed on the humanitarian and human rights crisis in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel

Amnesty International shared a letter with High Representative Josep Borrell and EU Ministers of Foreign Affairs ahead of the 23 October Foreign Affairs Council meeting in relation to the ongoing fighting in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, in particular the humanitarian and human rights crisis unfolding in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, especially in Gaza.

Amnesty International is deeply concerned about the ongoing serious violations of international humanitarian law (IHL), including war crimes committed by all parties to the conflict in the most recent round of fighting. We are concerned that to date, some EU officials and member states have failed to deliver a message of the need of all parties to respect IHL, while very few EU leaders mentioned the need for accountability for all crimes.