UK: Counter-terrorism bill: ‘Dangerous to rush through this grab-bag of measures’

Amnesty International

Careful, detailed analysis is needed – not fast-tracking and grandstanding.

Amnesty International UK

Press Release

26 November 2014

‘Careful, detailed analysis is needed, not fast-tracking and grandstanding’ – Rachel Logan

Responding to the publication today of a new Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill, Amnesty International UK Legal advisor, Rachel Logan, said:

“It’s dangerous to rush through this grab-bag of measures without proper scrutiny or challenge.

“While the government needs to ensure that anyone suspected of criminal activity is investigated, measures like invalidating passports and excluding British nationals from their home country push the boundaries of international law.

“Meanwhile, adding the internal exile of forced relocation to the already unfair terrorism prevention and investigation measures regime is another step which causes significant concern for basic freedoms. We simply don’t have the fair and proper processes in place for such drastic decisions.

“Meanwhile, the surveillance measures pre-empt the findings of not one but three official reviews which are due to make recommendations.

“Careful, detailed analysis is needed – not fast-tracking and grandstanding.”


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