Torture: More fun in the Philippines? – New video spoofs “wheel of torture”

A “Wheel of torture” was discovered in a police station in the Philippines a year ago this week.© Amnesty International.

Torture is no laughing matter, even if police in the Philippines have tried to reduce it to a game.



26 January 2015

One year ago this week, the revelation that Philippine police in Laguna had used a “wheel of torture” to decide how to torture detainees shocked the world. But despite the global headlines, one year later no one has been held to account – a sad indictment of the police’s casual attitude towards torture and the almost complete impunity that surrounds it.

To mark the anniversary, Amnesty International has produced Torture: More fun in the Philippines, a short satirical film based on a popular TV game show. One contestant spins the “wheel of torture” to try to get a lawyer, but instead “wins” the prize of being punched for 30 seconds straight. The film’s title is used ironically – “More fun in the Philippines” is also the slogan of the country’s Tourism Board.

“It is despicable that police officers in the Philippines tortured detainees for entertainment, and even worse that they have so far been able to get away with it. The culture of impunity around torture in the Philippines must end,” said Hazel Galang-Folli, Amnesty International’s Philippines Researcher.

“Torture is no laughing matter, even if police in the Philippines have tried to reduce it to a game. We hope that our short film will inspire people to both reflect on attitudes to torture and to take action to end this abhorrent practice.”

Note to editors

The video is available here.

New report exposes culture of impunity within Philippine police force”, Report, 4 December 2014.

Philippines: Officers in secret police detention cell play ‘torture roulette’ with inmates”, Press Release, 27 January 2014.

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