Our work isn’t over

Thank you for all the on-line interaction and support during our week-long spotlight on Roma Rights in Europe. But our work isn’t over!

Sadly, systemic discrimination, forced evictions, segregation and sub-standard education are too often the norm in many EU countries. And the European Commission, which is responsible for overseeing the application of EU laws in member states, has to date failed to take clear and decisive action to address such discrimination and violence against Roma.
Please continue to show your support for Roma Rights and call on the EU and its member states to urgently take action to end the ongoing discrimination, harassment, and violence against Roma, and ensure justice and rights for all.

How to get involved in 3 easy steps:

1. Follow Amnesty International’s work, spread the word and call for equality and Roma rights! Keep up to date online, on Twitter and on Facebook

2. Join our Tumblr photo action and tell European leaders that we are all equal in dignity and rights! Take a stance against anti-Roma violence, segregation and hate!

You can also get creative and share your photos on Twitter or Facebook using #RomaRights or #RomaDignity or #StandTogether And please do tweet your photos @amnestyeurope and we will do our best to RT them!

3. Sign our petition to and call on the Greek Minister of Justice to stand against hate crime, and bring justice to the Roma community. Paraskevi Kokoni and her mentally disabled nephew Kostas were attacked by several men with logs in their home town of Etoliko, Greece. The attack was motivated by anti-Roma sentiment. They and other Roma individuals and communities have been at the receiving end of discrimination, intolerance and violence for much time. Please show your support to Paraskevi and Kostas and Roma communities across Europe, and stand against hate and violence.