Sudan: The EU and its member states must take ambitious action to address war crimes and serious human rights violations

On 26 September 2023, Amnesty International called on High Representative Josep Borrell to lead on an ambitious European Union (EU) response to human rights violations in the conflict in Sudan.

Recently, the leaders of over fifty international human rights and humanitarian organizations jointly called for the international community to address mounting atrocities in Sudan by mobilizing more aid, solidarity and attention to the crisis in the country.

In August 2023, Amnesty International published a report, Death Came To Our Home’: War Crimes and Civilian Suffering In Sudan, documenting mass civilian casualties in both deliberate and indiscriminate attacks as well as sexual violence against women and girls, targeted attacks on civilian objects such as hospitals and churches, and extensive looting.

The EU and its member states must raise concerns over these very serious human rights violations, some of which amount to war crimes, including in their relations with their Sudanese counterparts and with the African Union (AU), as well as at the ongoing United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council (HRC) and the UN General Assembly.

The HR/VP’s recent statement highlighted the importance of action to “halt the cycle of impunity” in Sudan and asserted that “those responsible for atrocities must be identified and held to account.”

In this spirit, the EU and its member states must act for the protection of civilians in Sudan and act to establish an independent investigative and accountability mechanism on Sudan during the ongoing session of the UN Human Rights Council.