Spotlight on Roma rights in Europe

Today, 4 April, representatives from the European Union (EU) institutions, national governments and parliaments, international organisations, civil society, and local and regional authorities will meet at the European Roma Summit to discuss progress made on Roma inclusion in the European Union since the last Roma summit in 2010. International Roma day will be on 8 April. To mark this, Amnesty International European Institutions Office will run a week-long spotlight on Roma in Europe to push for Roma Rights Now.

In Europe today, Roma are subjected to discrimination in numerous areas of life, including housing (forced evictions and lack of access); education (segregation); and employment. Roma individuals and communities also face intimidation and violence by non-state actors, including far-right groups, and even the police who are meant to protect them.

The EU and its member states must urgently take action to end the ongoing discrimination, harassment, and violence against Roma in Europe. And ensure justice for discrimination and crimes against Roma.

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We stand together against hate and violence against Roma. We stand together against anti-Roma discrimination and prejudice. We stand together in solidarity with Roma.

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