Letter to PACE rapporteur on concerns regarding Belgium’s disregard of ECtHR interim measures in the

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Mr. Kimmo Sasi, Rapporteur on the Urgent need to deal with new failures to co-operate with the European Court of Human Rights, Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe

Cc: PACE Legal Affairs and Human Rights Committee Secretariat

01/04/2014 – The document raises Amnesty International’s concerns on Belgium’s disregard for the European Court of Human Rights’ interim measure in the case of Nizar Trabelsi. Amnesty International raises concerns that Belgium’s extradition to the United States of Nizar Trabeli on 3 October 2013 was a deliberate decision by the Belgian government to disregard the interim measure issued by the European Court of Human Right. This was done in blatant disrespect for the Court’s jurisprudence and the European Convention on Human Rights. Amnesty International thus urges the Rapporteur to consider proposing an amendment to the draft resolution with a view to adding Belgium to the list of countries that have breached the Court’s interim measures and to include Nizar Trabelsi’s case in his report.