Funeral march in Brussels European quarter – Invitation to demonstration, Thursday 23 April, from 11.00



European summit: European leaders decide between life and death

Amnesty International – together with other members of civil society –  will hold a funeral march outside the European Council on Thursday 23 April.

Migrants, NGOs and activists will line the streets of the European quarter, carrying three coffins. The march will culminate in a gathering of hundreds of people outside the European Council. This will shine the light on Europe’s shameful response to the spiralling death toll in the Mediterranean, and the urgent need for a robust and multi-country search and rescue operation.

This comes as European leaders gather at an emergency meeting in Brussels to discuss their response to the crisis in the Mediterranean. The summit follows the European Union (EU) Foreign and Home Affairs ministers’ meeting on Monday. A ten-point plan was announced , which included a commitment for an expanded search and rescue operation.

Amnesty international is organising similar actions across European capitals and major cities this week.


The funeral march will start at Place de la Liberté (Madou) and end at the Freedom of Expression zone outside the European External Action Service (Schuman). At the end point, hundreds of people will gather around coffins. There will be a photo opportunity and press point.

Where and when

11.00: Place de la Liberté (Madou): meeting point

11.30 : Beginning of funeral march

11.30 – 12.30: Funeral march (see route on map)

12:30: Arrival at Freedom of Expression Zone (Schuman), photo opportunity

12:30 – 13:30: Speeches, spokespeople available

13:30: End. Spokespeople will be available on location for interviews, and throughout the day

For further information or to arrange an interview, please contact:

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