Photo of the main entrance of the European Parliament building in Brussels.

EU Elections 2024: Amnesty International’s Manifesto

Every five years, European citizens choose who represents them in the European Parliament, acting for their interests in the European Union (EU). The European Parliament elections play a decisive role in shaping the day-to-day lives and futures of millions of people. From 6 to 9 June 2024, people across Europe will be making their voice heard and decide on the direction the EU will take.

To achieve a brighter, fairer and more sustainable future, the European Union must put human rights front and centre of its action.

Amnesty International’s manifesto for the EU elections sets out key human rights aims and policies across internal and external affairs. The calls and commitments outlined here will inform and inspire candidates and provide an essential guide for voters who want a Europe where everyone enjoys their rights and promotes human rights worldwide.

  1. A European Union firmly grounded on human rights protection for all
  2. Protect refugees and migrants in a Europe centred on solidarity and human rights
  3. Putting the promotion and protection of human rights around the world at the heart of EU Foreign Policy
  4. Taking urgent and vital action on climate change