Amnesty’s Tampere assessment: is the EU more free, secure and just?



In a short analysis document released in Brussels today, Amnesty International answers the question: Is the EU now more free, secure and just as a result of the Tampere agenda

The 7-page document:

The European Union – now more free, secure and just : Amnesty International’s human rights assessment of the Tampere Agenda“, is available – link at end of page.

Main points:

From a human rights perspective, Amnesty International’s assessment of the two dominant elements of the Tampere agenda – asylum and immigration, and judicial cooperation in criminal matters – is generally negative.

The document states:

“The Tampere commitment to “full and inclusive application of the Geneva Convention” has evaporated. The determination to provide security is neither matched by effective cooperation nor balanced with essential safeguards. The Charter of Fundamental Rights is seen as a clean bill of health rather than an instrument of accountability. The vision of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice has turned out to be a parallel universe to the daily reality experienced by asylum seekers, illegal immigrants, suspects in police stations and defendants in courts.

The events of 11 September 2001 have had a far reaching and negative impact across the main policy areas. The fight against “illegal immigration” has become closely linked to counter-terrorism. Measures towards harmonising the treatment of asylum seekers arriving in the EU have become confused with issues of security. The whole complex of judicial cooperation has been cast in the counter-terrorist mould, creating greater momentum for the creation of the European Arrest Warrant but neglecting the human rights dimension.”

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