Amnesty International questions European Parliament credibility over CIA flights investigation

Amnesty International questions European Parliament credibility over CIA flights investigation

(Brussels, 11 February) – A year after its enquiry into alleged European complicity in the CIA renditions program, the European Parliament is still considering follow up to its work. In a letter issued today ahead of discussions in the Civil Liberties Committee, Amnesty International urged the Parliament to commit to effective and urgent follow up and to stop its silence on this serious human rights problem.

“The very credibility of the Parliament is at stake when it fails to act for so long on its own resolutions”, said Natalia Alonso, Acting Director of Amnesty International’s EU Office. “Members of Parliament, and in particular those sitting in the Civil Liberties Committee, need to agree on concrete and meaningful measures to hold all member states and institutions accountable for the implementation of its recommendations”, she added.

Just two weeks ago new reports surfaced regarding the involvement of EU Member States in CIA renditions. The Governments’ public responses were dismissive and failed to convey a real political commitment to investigate any such allegations. EU Member States, when considering this issue at the Council of Europe three weeks ago, also failed to clearly condemn the US-led programme or announce any action to prevent such abuse in the future.

Amnesty International has consistently called for the EU and Member States to investigate any allegations of direct or indirect complicity of European countries in the illegal transportation and detention of prisoners by the CIA. The organisation calls on the Parliament to break through European inaction on this subject and follow up on all areas covered by its initial enquiry to ensure:

  • Disclosure of the truth about European collaboration with the illegal rendition and secret detention program;
  • Reparations to the victims;
  • Adoption of preventive measures for the future.

It is crucial that members of the European Parliament go beyond party lines and national interests to engage intensively in this work and not allow their initial efforts to go to waste.

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