Organisational development and movement building

Amnesty International strives to be a truly global movement of people who take injustice personally and defend human rights for all. To achieve this vision, we must constantly transform and adapt to a changing world.  

Our Organizational Development and Movement Building programme works with Amnesty entities at regional and national levels in Europe to share and develop our expertise in organizational change, leadership development and crisis management and to build a strong, vibrant and well-coordinated human rights movement in the region.

Organizational Development and Movement Building Programme
Main areas of work

Our team in Brussels works on:

  • Strengthening the governance of Amnesty entities and nurturing determined, prepared and effective leaders.
  • Helping Amnesty entities develop effective change management strategies.
  • Fostering coordination and coherence between Amnesty entities and our International Secretariat to build a strong Amnesty presence regionally and nationally.
  • Supporting the development of networks of human rights organisations and activists in the region, including outside Amnesty.
  • Developing the capacities of Amnesty entities to manage crises.

Our Organizational Development and Movement Building Programme in Brussels is part of the Europe Regional Office with projects in Amnesty’s East Europe and Central Asia regional offices and works on organizational development together with the Office of the Secretary General.