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Write for Rights success stories

Here are just a few examples of how the messages and actions of hundreds of thousands of Amnesty International members and supporters made change happen through Write for Rights campaign work in 2013 and 2014. 

Freedom in Nigeria
Moses Akatugba - 2014 Write for Rights case

The Governor of the Niger Delta responded to pressure from Amnesty supporters and granted a full pardon to Moses Akatugba, who had been sentenced to death aged 16 for stealing three phones. 

“While before I felt all hope had gone, the story changed when Amnesty International came in. The messages I received overwhelmed me. I regained hope.” Moses Akatugba


Investigating torture in the Philippines
Jerryme Corre - 2014 Write for Rights case

The Philippines police announced that letters sent by a “human rights organisation” – which we can confidently say is Amnesty International – prompted them to investigate the shocking torture of Jerryme Corre, who was electrocuted, punched and threatened with death. 


Changing the law in Norway
John Jeanette Solstad Remø - 2014 Write for Rights case

The Norwegian government said it will change the law for people who want to change their legal gender. This follows Amnesty International campaigning for John Jeanette Solstad Remø, a transgender woman who was unable to change her legal gender without compulsory medical treatment.

"This is everything I have dreamt of and hoped for. It was worth the fight. It took a long time, but when the results of our work finally came, it felt great.” John Jeanette Solstad Remø


Compensation for community forced from their homes in Nigeria
Badia East community - 2013 Write for Rights case

More than 83,000 individuals took action for the people of Badia East, after they were forced from their homes by authorities. The government has since agreed to pay them compensation.

“They never wanted to pay, but with your help and effort they agreed to give assistance to us,” said community activist Bimbo Osobe.


Housing rights activist freed from prison
Yorm Bopha - 2013 Write for Rights case

Yorm Bopha was imprisoned for three years on trumped-up charges after protesting against forced evictions in her community. She was released on bail in November 2013, and authorities received nearly 253,000 appeals from Amnesty supporters in 54 countries. She continues to campaign for her community.

I would like to thank to Amnesty International for helping and supporting my community as well as myself and thank all of the people who devoted their time to write petition letters to the government to request for my release." Yorm Bopha.


Released in Russia
Vladimir Akimenkov - 2013 Write for Rights case

Vladimir Akimenkov – who was detained alongside Artiom Saviolov and Mikhail Kosenko following a protest in Bolotnaya Square, Moscow – was released on 19 December 2013. After being sent for forcible psychiatric treatment in hospital, Mikhail is now able to continue treatment at home with his family. Mikhail’s sister, Artiom’s father and Vladmir all expressed their deep gratitude for the letters of support written by Amnesty International members and supporters.