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Russia & Central Asia

(29/04/2016) Russia: Court rulings must respect country's international obligations, ... 29/04/2016 - The decision of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, announced on 19 April, that the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights in Anchugov and Gladkov v Russia “cannot be implemented” is an affront to human rights and the rule of law, said Amnesty International today. (14/04/2015) Secrets and Lies: Forced confessions under torture in Uzbekistan 14/04/2015 - Secrets and Lies: Forced confessions under torture in Uzbekistan, reveals how rampant torture and other ill-treatment plays a “central role” in the country’s justice system and the government’s clampdown on any group perceived as a threat to national security. (20/10/2014) Cases of torture and other ill-treatment in Uzbekistan 20/10/2014 - Amnesty International has continued to receive persistent and credible allegations of routine and pervasive torture and other ill-treatment by security forces Security forces refer to all law enforcement forces under the control of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs, and the National Security Services (SNB) during arrest, transfer, in police custody and in pre-trial detention and by security forces and prison personnel in post-conviction detention facilities in Uzbekistan. (04/07/2014) Public statement: PACE members should live up to their duty to protect ... 04/07/2014 - Last week, President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan attended the third part of the 2014 Ordinary Session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in Strasbourg. This was the first visit of the Azerbaijani President to the Council of Europe (CoE) since the country took over the Chairmanship of the organisation’s decision-making body – the Committee of Ministers on 14 May 2014. (19/05/2014) Another prominent Russian NGO is facing closure following a court 19/05/2014 - On 14 May 2014, the City Court in Novocherkassk, in south-western Russia, ordered the NGO Alliance of Women of the Don, to register as “an organization performing the functions of a foreign agent”. (11/04/2014) Public statement on Ukraine: Amnesty International’s human rights ... 11/04/2014 -

The EU must not fail the people of Ukraine by sacrificing human rights to political expediency, and must prioritise human rights in their relations. In particular, Amnesty International calls on the EU to insist on progress being made to combat impunity for torture and other ill-treatment and discrimination, and to protect the rights to freedom of assembly association and expression throughout Ukraine.

(14/09/2012) Opinion on the EASO COI Report “Afghanistan: Taliban Strategies – ... 14/09/2012 - Amnesty International welcomes the decision of the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) to produce a Country of Origin Information report on Afghanistan to support the EU member states in their decisions when assessing application of asylum seekers from Afghanistan. In light of the growing number of Afghan asylum seekers in Europe, it is important that the EU member states understand the specific risks facing Afghans so that more informed and coherent decisions on granting or rejecting asylum of Afghan asylum seekers can be made. (13/07/2012) Letter to Ashton on AI report - Shattered lives: Torture and ... 13/07/2012 -

The report offers disturbing evidence of the various torture methods the security forces use and details how police intimidation and corruption contribute to a climate of impunity.