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(19/01/2015) Breaking the conspiracy of silence: USA's European 'Partners in Crime' ... 19/01/2015 - European governments that cooperated with the CIA’s secret detention, interrogation, and torture operations as part of the USA’s global “war on terror” must act urgently to bring those responsible to justice following a US Senate report containing new details. (26/03/2014) At today’s summit, EU-US special relationship must put human rights first 26/03/2014 - At today’s Summit, the European Union (EU) and the United States of America (US) must put human rights at the centre of their dialogue and action. The EU-US summit represents a crucial opportunity for both sides to explicitly address several key issues of cooperation in relation to their human rights records. (09/08/2012) Letter to Ashton: EU must call on countries throughout Americas to ... 09/08/2012 -

Ahead of the International Day of Indigenous Peoples, we wish to draw your attention to the discrimination and serious challenges which indigenous peoples continue to face daily throughout the Americas in their attempts to claim the right to consultation and free, prior and informed consent about development projects in or near their territory.

(27/03/2012) Speech: What is new on the alleged CIA illegal detention and transfers of ... 27/03/2012 - Julia Hall, Amnesty International’s expert on counter-terrorism and human rights, gives a speech at the LIBE hearing on 27 March, 2012 (10/01/2012) Guantanamo : A decade of damage to human rights 10/01/2012 - This report highlights the unlawful treatment of Guantánamo detainees and outlines 10 ‘anti-human rights’ messages the detention centre continues to send out to the world. (18/11/2011) Letter to Van Rompuy on the EU-US Summit 18/11/2011 -

The EU-US Summit on 28 November is set to assess the progress on addressing global challenges and strengthening the security of citizens since last year’s Summit in Lisbon. This must be done in a frank and honest manner, with both EU and US leaders looking at whether their “conviction that respect for fundamental rights and freedoms and joint efforts to strengthen security cooperation are mutually reinforcing” – as stated in the Joint Declaration adopted in Lisbon – is fulfilled in practice.

(03/08/2011) Investigation into Polish complicity in the US-led rendition programmes ... 03/08/2011 -

Following the Polish Prosecutor General’s decision to extend for a further six months the investigation into the involvement of Polish authorities in the US-led rendition and secret detention programmes, Amnesty International calls on the Prosecutor General’s office to ensure that the investigation is full, independent, impartial, and effective, and results in real accountability.

(04/01/2011) Recommendations to the European Union During the Hungarian Presidency 04/01/2011 - The changes brought by the Lisbon Treaty have radically transformed the EU presidency’s task. It now focuses far more on internal affairs. So one of the main challenges confronting the Hungarian presidency on the human rights front will be something its predecessors were able to dodge by hiding behind laudable work on the external front. Europe’s human rights landscape has also been altered. Discrimination against minorities, and racism in law enforcement and criminal justice, have grown so much that they are too overwhelming for member states to tackle singlehandedly. In particular the situation of the Roma people and the grave violations they are facing throughout Europe, have spelt an end to the previous and all-too-convenient impasse EU presidencies have cited to allow them to avoid confronting the human rights situation in the EU.