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North Africa

(17/11/2015) Fear and Fences: Europe’s approach to keeping refugees at bay 17/11/2015 - The European Union’s (EU) determination to seal off its external borders is fuelling a range of human rights abuses while doing nothing to halt the influx of desperate refugees, said Amnesty International in a new report published today. (01/04/2014) Public statement: EU-Africa Summit: Human rights commitments must be ... 01/04/2014 - At today’s European Union (EU)-Africa Summit in Brussels, Belgium, Amnesty International calls on African and EU decision-makers to ensure that human rights underpin all discussions and decisions on all the issues on the agenda aimed at “Investing in People, Prosperity and Peace.” (12/11/2012) “We are foreigners, we have no rights” 12/11/2012 - The plight of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants in Libya (24/04/2012) Choice and Prejudice: Discrimination Against Muslims in Europe 24/04/2012 - The report, Choice and prejudice: Discrimination against Muslims in Europe, exposes the impact of discrimination against Muslims on grounds of religion or belief in various aspects of their lives, including education and work. The lives of Muslims in five European countries: Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland, form the report’s focus. (20/04/2012) Press conference: Launch of report on discrimination against Muslims in ... 20/04/2012 - On 24 April Amnesty International will hold a press conference to launch a report calling for European governments to take action to curb discrimination against Muslims. (16/02/2012) Militias threaten hopes for new Libya 16/02/2012 - This report details widespread and serious abuses, including war crimes, mostly carried out by militias targeting suspected al-Gaddafi loyalists. There are cases of people being unlawfully detained and tortured, sometimes to death. These militia groups are largely out of control and able to commit crimes with impunity. (20/09/2011) Letter to JHA Council: North Africa refugee crisis 20/09/2011 - It is essential for EU countries to play a more active part in joining multinational efforts and sharing responsibility for refugees affected by the crisis in Libya. (08/09/2011) Letter to Ashton on Libya: Cooperation with International Criminal Court 08/09/2011 - Amnesty International is concerned at recent statements by the NTC that, instead of cooperating with the ICC, it intends to prosecute the suspects before national courts. There has been speculation surrounding potential support within the EU for this.