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Eastern Europe & Caucasus

(08/10/2018) European states should stop forcing people to danger in Afghanistan_081018 08/10/2018 - Ahead of a week of action across Europe, Amnesty International calls on European governments to stop forcibly sending people to deadly conditions in Afghanistan. (10/06/2015) Azerbaijan: The repression games 10/06/2015 -

Behind the image trumpeted by the government of a forward-looking, modern nation is a state where criticism of the authorities is routinely and increasingly met with repression. Journalists, political activists and human rights defenders who dare to challenge the government face trumped up charges, unfair trials and lengthy prison sentences.

(03/03/2015) Guilty of Defending Rights: Azerbaijan’s human rights defenders and ... 03/03/2015 - The report highlights the mounting persecution of government critics, detained under false charges, beaten and threatened and deprived of urgent medical care and lawyers. (18/12/2014) Czech Republic: Allegations of excessive use of force by the police must ... 18/12/2014 - Amnesty International calls on the Czech authorities to promptly and thoroughly investigate the circumstances of the dispersal of an assembly and allegations of unnecessary and excessive use of force by the riot police during a demonstration in Prague on 13 December. (18/12/2014) Serbia: Release detained human rights activists 18/12/2014 - Amnesty International is concerned about reports on the arrest and detention of nine Bulgarian nationals, a Slovak and a Finnish national by the Serbian authorities, in what appears to be attempts to prevent the holding of peaceful demonstrations. (20/10/2014) Summary killings during the conflict in Eastern Ukraine 20/10/2014 - Amnesty International has received a growing number of allegations of execution-style and other deliberate killings of civilians in eastern Ukraine since April 2014, in addition to those that have been reported in Crimea since its annexation by Russia and in Odessa on 2 May 2014.1 Initially these reports primarily focused on de facto separatist authorities in the territories in Donetsk and Luhansk Regions under their control. It is only in recent months that allegations of extra-judicial killings by Kyiv-controlled forces have come to Amnesty International’s attention. (06/05/2014) Behind bars: Silencing dissent in Azerbaijan 06/05/2014 -

On 14 May 2014, Azerbaijan will take on the Chairmanship of the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers. Thirteen years of Council of Europe membership have done little to improve the respect for civil and political rights in the country. Its progress towards becoming a pluralist democracy and consolidating the rule of law has not just stalled – it has gone into reverse in recent years.

(17/04/2014) Montenegro: Ensure adequate alternative housing for evicted families 17/04/2014 - Amnesty International is calling on the Montenegrin authorities to provide adequate alternative accommodation for six families and two individuals living in the Zverinjak settlement in Nikšiæ, who are due to be evicted from their homes, on15 May.