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(24/06/2016) Joint NGO statement ahead of the European Council of 28-29 June 2016 ... 24/06/2016 - At the upcoming European Council, European Union (EU) leaders will discuss the European Commission’s Communication on a new Partnership Framework with third countries. The Communication proposes an approach which aims to leverage existing EU and Member States' external cooperation instruments and tools in order to stem migration to Europe. The undersigned organisations express their grave concern about the direction the EU is taking by making deterrence and return the main objective of the Union's relationship with third countries. (20/06/2016) Joint Statement prior to the 4th EU-Mexico Civil Society Seminar 20/06/2016 - Twenty-nine European and Mexican civil society organisations have issued a joint statement to the 4th EU-Mexico Civil Society (CSO) Seminar taking place on Monday 20 June, prior to the 6th high level Human Rights Dialogue between the European Union and Mexico. (13/06/2016) Open letter from civil society organisations calling on EU to require EU ... 13/06/2016 - 130 civil society organisations have called on the European Union not to squander a unique opportunity to play its part in tackling the conflict minerals trade. (26/04/2016) Bulgaria: Authorities must effectively and thoroughly investigate the ... 26/04/2016 - Amnesty International has called on the Bulgarian authorities to fulfil their obligation to carry out a prompt, effective, adequate and thorough investigation into an alleged racist crime against a Romani teenager . (21/02/2014) Public statement: Lithuania Opens CIA Rendition Investigation 21/02/2014 - Amnesty International has welcomed the decision of the Lithuanian Prosecutor General to open an investigation into the alleged rendition to Lithuania of Mustafa al-Hawsawi. The decision comes after the Vilnius Regional Court ruled on 28 January that al-Hawsawi had a right to an investigation of his claims. (21/02/2014) Recommendations to the Ukrainian authorities on the use of force in ... 21/02/2014 - Amnesty International has documented numerous cases of excessive use of force by law enforcement officers in policing the demonstrations in Ukraine since November 2013 and calls on the authorities to take the following measures: (12/02/2014) Report: Ethnic cleansing and sectarian killings in the Central African ... 12/02/2014 - “Ethnic cleansing” of Muslims has been carried out in the western part of the Central African Republic, the most populous part of the country, since early January 2014. 1 Entire Muslim communities have been forced to flee, and hundreds of Muslim civilians who have not managed to escape have been killed by the loosely organised militias known as anti-balaka. (23/01/2014) Public statement: Amnesty International urges the Greek Government to ... 23/01/2014 - Amnesty International expresses its profound concerns over the loss of life of migrants and refugees including several small children near the island of Farmakonisi on 20 January 2014. In the early hours of Monday, 20 January 2014, a fishing boat carrying 28 migrants and refugees including many small children capsized and sank near the island of Farmakonisi. The group consisted of 25 Afghans including ten children aged between one and nine years old and three Syrians.