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(18/04/2016) Dutch EU Presidency: Mid-term report card 18/04/2016 - Halfway through its term, how has the Dutch EU Presidency done in defending human rights within the EU? Amnesty International's new report card takes a look. (28/05/2015) Grasping the nettle: Ending Europe’s trade in execution and torture ... 28/05/2015 - Grasping the nettle: Ending Europe’s trade in execution and torture technology details these gaps and spells out how EU institutions and member states can and must close them. It is being launched as the European Parliament opens fresh debate on 28 May over proposed amendments to the EU’s “Torture Trade Regulation” in force since 2006. (14/04/2015) Secrets and Lies: Forced confessions under torture in Uzbekistan 14/04/2015 - Secrets and Lies: Forced confessions under torture in Uzbekistan, reveals how rampant torture and other ill-treatment plays a “central role” in the country’s justice system and the government’s clampdown on any group perceived as a threat to national security. (30/10/2014) UK: Court of Appeal allows lawsuit to proceed in case of illegal ... 30/10/2014 - Amnesty International welcomed the decision today from the Court of Appeal in London in the case of Abdul-Hakim Belhaj and Fatima Boudchar v Straw and Ors in which the Court permitted the Belhaj lawsuit to proceed. Amnesty International had intervened in the case, jointly with the International Commission of Jurists, JUSTICE, and REDRESS. (26/06/2014) The EU must step up efforts to stop torture: the UN Convention against ... 26/06/2014 - Three decades after the ground-breaking Convention Against Torture (CAT) was adopted by the United Nations (UN) in 1984, governments across the world continue to betray their commitments to stamp out torture. On this anniversary and beyond, the European Union (EU) and its member states must take strong and consistent action to monitor, prevent, and end torture wherever it occurs. (26/03/2014) At today’s summit, EU-US special relationship must put human rights first 26/03/2014 - At today’s Summit, the European Union (EU) and the United States of America (US) must put human rights at the centre of their dialogue and action. The EU-US summit represents a crucial opportunity for both sides to explicitly address several key issues of cooperation in relation to their human rights records. (19/11/2013) Ukraine and the EU: time to put people first 19/11/2013 - In the run up to the Vilnius Summit the EU has focused its attention on the problem of selective justice. The case of Yuliya Tymoshenko highlights the lack of fair trials and independence of the judiciary in Ukraine, but the political significance of her case should not be allowed to overshadow the systemic problems that deprive thousands of Ukrainians of their rights everyday. (14/11/2013) Public Statement: Turkey: Historic torture verdict confirmed by Appeal ... 14/11/2013 - On 11 November, Turkey’s Supreme Court of Appeals upheld the convictions of 11 public officials following the death in custody of Engin Çeber in 2008. A prison director and two prison guards received life sentences for causing Engin Çeber’s death through torture, the first time that such a conviction has been handed down in Turkey where impunity for torture has been the norm.