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Police and justice

(18/12/2014) Czech Republic: Allegations of excessive use of force by the police must ... 18/12/2014 - Amnesty International calls on the Czech authorities to promptly and thoroughly investigate the circumstances of the dispersal of an assembly and allegations of unnecessary and excessive use of force by the riot police during a demonstration in Prague on 13 December. (10/09/2014) Hungarian government must end its intimidation of NGOs 10/09/2014 -

On 8 September around a dozen police officers raided the offices of two NGOs, Ökotárs and Demnet, and confiscated files and computer servers. The raids come after a string of recent government statements and actions which have sought to discredit the work of civil society organizations in Hungary.

(23/05/2014) Public statement: Turkey: More deaths as a result of police force 23/05/2014 - Amnesty International calls for an immediate, impartial and effective investigation into the deaths of two people following clashes between youths and police in the OkmeydanĂ½ district of Istanbul on 22 May. (21/02/2014) Public statement: Lithuania Opens CIA Rendition Investigation 21/02/2014 - Amnesty International has welcomed the decision of the Lithuanian Prosecutor General to open an investigation into the alleged rendition to Lithuania of Mustafa al-Hawsawi. The decision comes after the Vilnius Regional Court ruled on 28 January that al-Hawsawi had a right to an investigation of his claims. (29/01/2014) The future of EU policies in the area of freedom, security and justice: a ... 29/01/2014 -

Amnesty International’s contribution, which builds on its longstanding human rights advocacy work at EU level,3 seeks to inform the ongoing discussions in the three EU institutions, such that human rights underline the orientation and objectives of EU policy.

(19/11/2013) Ukraine and the EU: time to put people first 19/11/2013 - In the run up to the Vilnius Summit the EU has focused its attention on the problem of selective justice. The case of Yuliya Tymoshenko highlights the lack of fair trials and independence of the judiciary in Ukraine, but the political significance of her case should not be allowed to overshadow the systemic problems that deprive thousands of Ukrainians of their rights everyday. (19/11/2013) Amnesty International submission to the European Commission and the ... 19/11/2013 -

Amnesty International’s work on hate crimes as well as research undertaken by other organizations, including the Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union (FRA), has provided evidence of the pervasive occurrence in Europe of hate crimes motivated by race, ethnicity, religion or belief or other protected characteristics such as sexual orientation and gender identity.

(16/04/2013) Joint briefing on the Directive on the right of access to a lawyer in ... 16/04/2013 -

After eight months of intensive discussions, the two legislators, the European Parliament (EP) and the Council of the European Union appear willing to conclude the negotiation of a new Directive that will set common minimum standards on the right of access to a lawyer and the right to communicate with third parties when detained, for persons suspected or accused of a crime in the EU.