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Death penalty

(20/02/2006) Iran: New government fails to address dire human rights situation 20/02/2006 - Six months after Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took up office as the country’s new president, the human rights situation in Iran remains dire. Scores of critics and opponents of the government continue to be imprisoned, many following grossly unfair trials, the death penalty is widely used and torture is common. The full report is available at: (06/09/2005) The Death Penalty in India - Briefing for the EU-India Summit, 7 ... 06/09/2005 - The first known execution in India since the late 1990s took place in August 2004 amid widespread popular support. This raised fears that others now on death row in India may also soon be executed. (31/01/2005) Letter to the Council on the EU-Uzbekistan Co-operation Council Meeting ... 31/01/2005 - In view of the forthcoming EU-Uzbekistan Co-operation Council on 1 February 2005, Amnesty International urges the EU to adopt a more robust approach to Uzbekistan’s failure to take tangible steps towards the abolition of the death penalty. Read more (pdf) La lettre est également disponible en français (pdf) (22/03/2004) Executed "according to law"? The death penalty in China 22/03/2004 - Amnesty International Report - AI index ASA 17/003/2004 dated 22 March 2004 (28/10/2003) China: Continuing abuses under a new leadership - summary of human rights ... 28/10/2003 - People's Republic of China
Continuing abuses under a new leadership - summary of human rights concerns (AI index ASA 17/035/2003 dated 28 October 2003).