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(24/04/2013) AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL’S RECOMMENDATIONS TO IRISH EU PRESIDENCY: MID-TERM ... 24/04/2013 - Amnesty International’s mid-term review of Ireland’s presidency of the European Union. (12/06/2012) The Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Case for an Effective Arms ... 12/06/2012 - The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has been plagued by almost two decades of conflict that has resulted in the suffering of millions of men, women and children. Crimes under international law including unlawful killings, enforced disappearance, torture and sexual violence have been committed on a large scale by national and foreign armies, armed groups and militias. (27/03/2012) Speech: What is new on the alleged CIA illegal detention and transfers of ... 27/03/2012 - Julia Hall, Amnesty International’s expert on counter-terrorism and human rights, gives a speech at the LIBE hearing on 27 March, 2012 (04/01/2011) Recommendations to the European Union During the Hungarian Presidency 04/01/2011 - The changes brought by the Lisbon Treaty have radically transformed the EU presidency’s task. It now focuses far more on internal affairs. So one of the main challenges confronting the Hungarian presidency on the human rights front will be something its predecessors were able to dodge by hiding behind laudable work on the external front. Europe’s human rights landscape has also been altered. Discrimination against minorities, and racism in law enforcement and criminal justice, have grown so much that they are too overwhelming for member states to tackle singlehandedly. In particular the situation of the Roma people and the grave violations they are facing throughout Europe, have spelt an end to the previous and all-too-convenient impasse EU presidencies have cited to allow them to avoid confronting the human rights situation in the EU. (22/01/2010) Amnesty International Report ‘Standing up for justice and dignity - Human ... 22/01/2010 - Ahead of the upcoming EU-Mexico Summit in May, Amnesty International wants to highlight the dire situation faced by human rights defenders in Mexico, which is one of the most dangerous countries in the Americas for human rights defenders. The report 'Standing up for Justice and Dignity - Human Rights Defenders in Mexico' identifies a sustained pattern of killings, threats, intimidation, harassment and arbitrary detention of Human Rights Defenders being committed by state and non-state actors in Mexico. This became painfully true when Josefina Reyes, another human rights defender, was killed on 3 January. (13/10/2009) Review of the EU arms embargo on Uzbekistan 13/10/2009 - Letter and briefing sent ahead of EU foreign ministers' decision on extending the arms embargo on Uzbekistan. (30/09/2009) EU Brazil Summit 30/09/2009 - Amnesty International addresses EU Brazil summit ,calling for a frank discussion of human rights involving both parties. (25/05/2009) Briefing for the EU-ASEAN summit 25/05/2009 - Amnesty international submits a briefing on key human rights concerns in the ASEAN region which it calls on the EU to address at forthcoming summit.