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Council of Europe

(20/02/2018) Joint NGO Response to the Draft Copenhagen Declaration 20/02/2018 - The AIRE Centre, Amnesty International, the European Human Rights Advocacy Centre, the European Implementation Network, Fair Trials, the International Commission of Jurists, Open Society Justice Initiative and the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) welcome this opportunity to respond to the Draft Copenhagen Declaration on the European Convention on Human Rights system presented by the Danish Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers on 5 February 2018. The aforementioned organisations recognise and appreciate the open approach of the Danish Chairmanship in the development of this Declaration, and in particular its willingness to involve civil society throughout the process. (25/05/2016) Greece: Amnesty International's submission to the Council of Europe on ... 25/05/2016 - Amnesty International wishes to share with the Committee of Ministers the following concerns on reforms to Greek asylum laws as part of the EU-Turkey refugee deal, and the detention of asylum seekers and unaccompanied children. (29/04/2016) Russia: Court rulings must respect country's international obligations, ... 29/04/2016 - The decision of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, announced on 19 April, that the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights in Anchugov and Gladkov v Russia “cannot be implemented” is an affront to human rights and the rule of law, said Amnesty International today. (05/04/2016) ICJ, ECRE and AI joint briefing on proposal for EBCG Regulation 05/04/2016 - The International Commission of Jurists, the European Council on Refugees and Exiles and Amnesty International would like to present their joint briefing on the Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the European Border and Coast Guard and repealing Regulation (EC) No. 2007/2004, Regulation (EC) No. 863/2007 and Council Decision 2005/267/EC. (30/06/2015) Turkey: Pride march ban is a new low 30/06/2015 - Amnesty International is dismayed by the actions of the Turkish authorities, who on 28 June, prevented the annual Pride march from taking place after thousands had already gathered in Taksim, central Istanbul. (26/05/2015) European Court’s ruling in Identoba and Others v. Georgia: An Important ... 26/05/2015 - Amnesty International welcomes the European Court of Human Rights’ (ECtHR) judgment in the case of Identoba and Others v. Georgia (no. 73235/12) handed down on 12 May 2015. The Court held that the police’s failure to protect those participating in the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) march in Tbilisi, Georgia in 2012 violated the European Convention on Human Rights. (24/04/2015) Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly calls on member states to end ... 24/04/2015 - Amnesty International welcomes the adoption by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) of a groundbreaking resolution to uphold the rights of transgender people, based on a report by Ms Deborah Schembri. (14/04/2015) Secrets and Lies: Forced confessions under torture in Uzbekistan 14/04/2015 - Secrets and Lies: Forced confessions under torture in Uzbekistan, reveals how rampant torture and other ill-treatment plays a “central role” in the country’s justice system and the government’s clampdown on any group perceived as a threat to national security.