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Statements and Reports

(05/07/2017) A perfect storm: The failure of European policies in the Central ... 05/07/2017 - A perfect storm: The failure of European policies in the Central Mediterranean finds that by ceding the lion’s share of responsibility for search and rescue to NGOs and by increasing cooperation with the Libyan coastguard, European governments are failing to prevent drownings and turning a blind eye to abuse, including torture and rape. (23/05/2017) Italy: Refugees and migrants in the central Mediterranean, cutting the ... 23/05/2017 - Amnesty International is deeply concerned that Italian authorities may be attempting to circumvent their obligation to protect people fleeing widespread and systematic human rights violations and abuses in Libya by facilitating the interception of refugees and migrant boats by Libyan authorities in the central Mediterranean. (15/05/2017) Poland: Rule of Law and Human Rights Concerns in Poland Update, May 2017 15/05/2017 - This document provides updates on the main concerns in relation to the rule of law and human rights in Poland. It focuses on the independence of judiciary, freedom of assembly and the situation of asylum-seekers and migrants. It reflects Amnesty International’s assessment of the amendments of the Law on the National Council of Judiciary, the Law on Assemblies and the amendment of the Asylum Law. This document provides further evidence of the deterioration of the Rule of Law and human rights situation in Poland. (03/05/2017) Turkey: 250,000 demand release of jailed journalists 03/05/2017 - Top journalists, cartoonists and world-renowned artists have joined a campaign to demand the release of more than 120 journalists jailed in Turkey following last summer’s coup attempt and an end to the ruthless crackdown on freedom of expression in the country. (03/05/2017) Journalist Is Not a Crime: Crackdown on media freedom in Turkey 03/05/2017 - Amnesty International briefing on freedom of expression in Turkey, which is under sustained and increasing attack. (05/04/2017) Position Paper: THE PROPOSED ASYLUM PROCEDURES REGULATION 05/04/2017 - After publishing a proposal for revising the Dublin Regulation (Dublin IV) on 4 May 2016, the European Commission took a further step on 23 July 2016 when it presented revised proposals on asylum procedures, qualification and reception conditions within the framework of the planned reform of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS). (10/03/2017) Hungary: Legal amendments to detain all asylum-seekers a deliberate new ... 10/03/2017 - Public Statement on the legislation passed by the Hungarian parliament introducing automatic detention for asylum-seekers. (01/03/2017) Slovakia: Unlawful ethnic segregation in schools is failing Romani children 01/03/2017 - Romani children in Slovakia are being failed by a discriminatory primary school system which continues to segregate them and seriously hinder their education, condemning them to lives of poverty and exclusion, Amnesty International and the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) said in a new report published today.