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Suggested Elements for an EU Action Plan on Business and Human Rights 08/06/2018 - We, the undersigned NGOs, ActionAid, Amnesty International, Anti-Slavery International, Clean Clothes Campaign, European Coalition for Corporate Justice and International Federation for Human Rights, are pleased to provide for your earnest consideration the following suggested elements for an EU Action Plan on Responsible Business Conduct.

Mr Frans Timmermans
First Vice-President of the European Commission

Ms Federica Mogherini
Vice-President of the European Commission
High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

Ms Elżbieta Bieńkowska
Commissioner - Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Ms Věra Jourová
Commissioner - Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality

Cc: Ms Mercedes Garcia Perez
Head of Unit – Human Rights, European External Action Service

Denouncing the deteriorating conditions for refugees and asylum-seekers in the Greek islands 22/11/2017 - We, undersigned human rights and humanitarian nongovernmental organisations, are writing to express our deep concern at the deteriorating, and increasingly dangerous, conditions for thousands of women, men and children seeking asylum and trapped on the Aegean islands as winter sets in.

Her Excellency Andrea IKIĆ-BÖHM Ambassador of Austria to Greece
His Excellency Vesselin IVANOV Chargé d’Affaires of Bulgaria to Greece
His Excellency Luc LIEBAUT Ambassador of Belgium to Greece
His Excellency Christophe CHANTEPY Ambassador of France to Greece
His Excellency Jens Uwe PLÖTNER Ambassador of Germany to Greece
His Excellency Jens Michael Ole BRAAD Ambassador of Denmark to Greece
His Excellency Margus RAVA Ambassador of Estonia to Greece
Her Excellency Kate Smith Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Greece
Her Excellency Orla O’ HANRAHAN Ambassador of Ireland to Greece
His Excellency Enrique VIGUERA RUBIO Ambassador of Spain to Greece
His Excellency Efisio Luigi MARRAS Ambassador of Italy to Greece
His Excellency Caspar Cornelis Johannes VELDKAMP Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Greece
His Excellency Aleksandar SUNKO Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Greece
His Excellency Kyriakos A. KENVEZOS Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus to Greece
His Excellency Māris KLIŠĂNS Ambassador of Latvia to Greece
His Excellency Rolandas KAČINSKAS Ambassador of Lithuania to Greece
His Excellency Paul Alphons STEINMETZ Ambassador of Luxembourg to Greece
His Excellency Joseph CUSCHIERI Ambassador of Malta to Greece
His Excellency Erik Edgar HAUPT Ambassador of Hungary to Greece
Her Excellency Anna BARBARZAK Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Greece
His Excellency Rui Alberto MANUPPELLA TERENO Ambassador of Portugal to Greece
His Excellency Lucian FĂTU Ambassador of Romania to Greece
Her Excellency Iveta HRICOVÁ Ambassador of the Slovakia to Greece
Her Excellency Anita PIPAN Ambassador of Slovenia to Greece
Her Excellency Charlotte SAMMELIN Ambassador of Sweden to Greece
His Excellency Jan BONDY Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Greece
His Excellency Juha Markus PYYKKÖ Ambassador of Finland to Greece
CC: Maarten Verwey, EU Coordinator, Implementation of the EU-Turkey Statement