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Placeholder - DO NOT REMOVE Rome Anniversary: Reflections on the EU’s future on human rights This weekend European heads of state and government will meet in Rome to celebrate the EU’s 60th anniversary and reflect on its future. There is certainly much to celebrate. Across its six decade history, the European Union has, however imperfectly and inconsistently, been a driving force for positive social change across the region and across the world. And yet, the challenges it faces today are glaring; and the anxiety of its leaders palpable. There are fundamental questions about is identity, its role and its political shape that need to be answered. One of these questions, perhaps a central one, concerns the increasingly shaky commitment of the EU to upholding its founding values of respect for the rule of law and human rights, both at home and abroad. (22/02/2017) The human rights violators’ playbook: how to respond to an Amnesty International report To coincide with the launch of our 2016/17 Annual Report, let’s look at five tactics for responding to an AI ... (02/11/2016) Suggested EU rules on conflict mineral trade risk exclusion of 90% of importers Could financing conflict up to a point be excused with control and preventive measures being too ... (21/10/2016) Hungary's Mistreatment of Refugees Today Ignores History Sixty years on and half a world away, Judy Kepecz-Hays still remembers the fear. “We were walking through ... (07/04/2016) EU should stop Italy's forced segregation of Roma Despite launching Roma inclusion initiatives, Italy is still failing to provide adequate housing for Romani ... (18/12/2015) Slovenia: A chance for equality Slovenia is on its way to becoming the first country in Central Europe to allow same-sex couples to marry. ... (20/10/2015) 5 reasons why Prides matter As the 2015 Pride season ends, we look at why Pride events are still so important for lesbian, gay, ...

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