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Amnesty International European Institutions Office
Avenue de Cortenbergh/ Kortenberglaan 71, 4th floor
1000 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: 32-2-5021499 
Email: eio[at]amnesty[dot]org

Head of European Institutions Office and Advocacy Director
Iverna McGowan
E: iverna.mcgowan[at]amnesty[dot]org
Tel: +32-2-5482766

Director of Organisational Development
Dáša van der Horst
E: dasa.vanderhorst[at]amnesty[dot]org
Tel: +32-2-5482778

Finance and Office Manager
Nathalie Bollen
E: nathalie.bollen[at]amnesty[dot]org
Tel: +32-2-5482762

Media and Communications Manager
Alison Abrahams
E: alison.abrahams[at]amnesty[dot]org
Tel: +32-2-5482773

EU Advocacy Coordinator
Covadonga De La Campa Alonso
E: covadonga.delacampaa[at]amnesty[dot]org
Tel: +32-2-5482769

Senior Executive Officer
Asylum & Migration

Anneliese Baldaccini
E: anneliese.baldaccini[at]amnesty[dot]org
Tel: +32-2-5482772

Senior Executive Officer
Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Nele Meyer
E: nele.meyer[at]amnesty[dot]org
Tel: +32-2-5482764

Executive Officer
EU Foreign Policy
Middle East, North Africa, Europe & Central Asia

Rayan Jalal
Tel: +32-2-5482777

Senior Executive Officer
EU Foreign Policy
Africa, Americas, Asia

Katharine Derderian
E: Katharine.derderian[at]amnesty[dot]org
Tel: +32-2-5482765

Executive Officer
Legal Affairs/Human Rights in the EU

Deborah Riccetti (Maternity cover)
E: deborah.riccetti[at]amnesty[dot]org
Tel: +32-2-5482763
Senior Executive Officer
Council of Europe
(Strasbourg Office)
Rita Patrício
E: rita.patricio[at]amnesty[dot]org
Tel: +32-2-5021499

European Migration Researcher
Irem Arf
E: irem.arf[at]amnesty[dot]org
Tel: +32-2-2351387

Giorgos Kosmopoulos
E: giorgos.kosmopoulos[at]amnesty[dot]org
Tel: +32-2-5482771

Senior Organisational Development Coordinator
Dražen Puljić
E: drazen.puljic[at]amnesty[dot]org
Tel: +32-2-5482770

Capacity Building Coordinator - Europe
Patrycja Orzeszyna
E: patrycja.orzeszyna[at]amnesty[dot]org
Tel: +32-2-2351381

Regional Campaign Coordinator
Veronica Scognamiglio
E: veronica.scognamiglio[at]amnesty[dot]org
Tel: +32-2-5482761

Office Assistant
Adela Sandu
E: adela.sandu[at]amnesty[dot]org
Tel: +32-2-2351385

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